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Should You Use TikTok for Video Walkthroughs?

10 May 2021 Julie Davidson Read time: 2 min
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Julie Davidson

You might think it’s only the kids and Generation Z marketing brands using TikTok, but that’s where you’re wrong. The video-friendly social network has become a bona fide hit in the property world, with many agents using it to their advantage. 

That’s because it’s an excellent platform for showing off homes, whether it's properties renting for £10,000 per month or one-bedroom apartments for considerably less. So should you use TikTok for your video walkthroughs, and are there any alternatives? Read on to find out. 

TikTok, the stats

In the UK, 3.7 million people use TikTok daily for an average of 47 minutes. It’s addictive, and therefore can be a fantastic marketing tool. Overall, more than 17 million people have downloaded the app in the UK. 

It’s still relatively new as far as social media goes, which means it’s easier for brands to find their voice on the platform. The algorithm on TikTok tries to show users a variety of the content they want to see, which also means there’s a better chance of your videos reaching the right target market. 

Why TikTok works for agents

Like most other social networks, TikTok lets people like, share and comment on videos. But it’s the accessibility and short, snappy videos that have propelled the app into the cultural lexicon, and estate and letting agents are taking note. 

A plethora of agents use the platform to market their stock, adding catchy music in the background while showing off their properties. Video walkthroughs have become an essential part of viewing a property since the pandemic, with TikTok helping many people showcase their best stock. 

Should you use TikTok to market your stock?

As a letting agent, you need to maximise every marketing avenue available. Video viewings are becoming increasingly important, especially as the on-demand economy grows and consumers expect instant solutions to their problems. 

It’s no different for renters who want to have all the information available for a property at their fingertips. Using TikTok means you can provide video walkthroughs of homes to give your audience more insight. It’s especially helpful as renters don’t want over-the-top videos; they want a real-life walkthrough that provides an accurate representation of the property. And using TikTok can help you show your stock in a snapshot. 

Are there any TikTok alternatives?

TikTok is free to use and you should definitely consider putting your stock on the app. After all, what do you have to lose? But if you want to reach a more refined target audience and appeal to people looking for a new home, partnering with Movebubble can get your properties in front of more eyes. 

We’re a video-first platform with 750,000-plus renters using our app to find, view and secure their next home. Our video walkthroughs are super easy to create, and they offer an accurate representation of the property. With Instant Booking, renters can even secure the home after watching the video. 

Tik tik tok

There’s no reason not to give TikTok a try, and you could even build up your letting agency brand as you become known as the fun agency that makes killer TikTok videos. But if you’re looking to increase your renter reach, Movebubble could just be the video-first option to get your stock renting fast. 

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