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  • Revealed! How Top Negotiators Use the Movebubble App Get the Most Deals Done

Revealed! How Top Negotiators Use the Movebubble App Get the Most Deals Done

19 October 2020 Julie Davidson Read time: 3 min
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Julie Davidson

If you find yourself singing "I'm the best around, nothing's ever gonna bring me down" while letting homes, it probably means you're doing something right – and using the Movebubble app to find top-notch renters.

We've been looking at the trends of our great partners on Movebubble, and have compiled a list of what A-star letting agents do to secure lets. So without further ado, here's the actions Movebubble's top negotiators take to get their deals done.

It's all about the listing

Before you can go on a charm offensive with renters, first you'll need to excite them with your homes. And the best way to go about that is by ensuring that your property listings look tip-top and get renters making enquiries.

Stylish home listed with Movebubble

Create high-quality, detailed listings that showcase the property, including all of its plus points along with a thorough written description of what renters can expect from living there. The more information on your property listing, the higher the chance of getting more enquiries.

So fresh and so clean

You've created a detailed listing – great! But now you'll need to keep it up to date. Renters see too many ghost properties while searching for a home, or find out that the property is already let. However, the best agents make sure their listings are always up to date.

No one wants to hear "ah, sorry, but that one's just gone". Instead, they want to hear, "of course it's still available, and here's everything you need to know about it". Up-to-date property listings help build trust, and with the Movebubble app, you can update your homes in just one tap, so it's super easy to keep your stock fresh. 

Create a Walkthrough

The property listing looks great, but now it's time to take it to the next level with a Walkthrough. By adding a video viewing to the home, you can give renters enough information to make an instant decision about moving in.

Walkthroughs are especially important in this current Covid climate, so ensure that your listings have videos. They're super easy to upload on the Movebubble app, too. All you need is a smartphone and a few seconds of your time to record an unfiltered short film of the home.

Rental affordability checks: If the price is right

Ok, so the enquiries are flying in, but you want to double-check that a renter can afford to move into the home – no problemo. Movebubble's affordability check gives you more insight into a renter's income and whether they're a suitable fit for the property.

UK cash representing affordability to rent a home

The affordability check means there's no fussing about, and you can avoid following leads that take you down a dead end. Find out who is suitable for a home and turn on the charm so that the deal goes through without a hiccup.

Positive thoughts equal positive actions

We haven't turned into enlightenment gurus all of a sudden, but it does help to be positive when talking to renters. First impressions count, remember. Using language like, "thanks so much for your offer! Let's get this all sorted so you can move into your home" works so much better than, "yeah, cheers for that. I'll process some stuff and be in touch, innit."

Turn a potential negative answer into a positive one. "Yes, there's a communal garden which is landscaped and maintained regularly", rather than "no, there's no private outside space." Be reassuring and talk renters through the process, too, especially if it's their first time renting, they haven't moved for a while, or aren't from the UK.

Sharing is caring

Take an interest in the renter and remember that they're human beings too. Ask them about their situation, why they're moving and who they're moving with. That extra enthusiasm is bound to win you brownie points, and renters will want to work with you to get that move sorted. 

Response times also count. Some renters might be looking for a quick answer and will lose trust if they don't hear from you before moving onto the next home. But if you're quick with your responses (which are even easier with the Movebubble chat feature), you're bound to end up in their good books, and they'll see that you genuinely care about helping them move. In other words, keep those notifications on!

Master the art of negotiation

Renters will be prepared to negotiate for the right home, whether that's contract terms (lengths, break clause, et cetera), the move-in date or the rental price. This is the area where you excel anyway, but make sure that you guide the renter through negotiating as you relay information to the landlord.

People negotiating

Then again, with Movebubble's Instant Booking feature, you might not even need to rely on your negotiating skills. Properties with great listings and accurate Walkthroughs stand a better chance of getting renters to secure their home for the asking price without needing to make an offer.

Doing deals with Movebubble

We've made it easy for agents to do deals and tap into 700,000-plus verified renters. The Movebubble app was designed to make renting fun for renters while giving our partners total access to a seamless way to let a home.

If you'd like to read more about our handy tips for letting agents, check out the Agent Hub. Then get in touch and learn more about how Movebubble helps top negotiators get deals done and gives you all the tools you need to let in style.

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