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Best Ways to Promote Your Stock on Instagram

29 March 2021 Julie Davidson Read time: 2 min
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Julie Davidson

There are many ways in which letting agents can capture the imagination of their audiences. But given the visual nature of homes, few platforms are better suited for getting renters excited about their potential next place than Instagram. 

While other social media platforms – like Facebook and LinkedIn – have their benefits, Instagram has piqued the interest of Millennials, one of the primary renting demographics. That's why this guide is dedicated to helping you find the best way to promote your stock on Instagram.

No need for filters

Browse any social media site, and you'll find a myriad of photos with fancy filters. This is especially true of Instagram, but there's no need to implement enhancement features when listing your stock. Renters want to see what a home really looks like, so keep everything o naturale. 

Instead of fancy filters, post a handful of natural images that showcase the property's best aspects and use the caption below to sell its attributes. Treat it like the listing on your website. Only with Instagram, you have more room to add extra photos and give a property some serious attention to detail. 

Don't forget to video

The Stories feature on Instagram allows you to go above and beyond by providing unfiltered videos of your stock. Use Stories to show the entire house, giving your audience a video walkthrough of the property while providing commentary. 

You can also show communal spaces if it's in an apartment building with on-site amenities such as a residents' lounge and gym. And don't forget to film the best bits of the local area (more on that later). 

Get your hashtags right

Hashtags are essentially work as SEO on Instagram and offer you a chance to reach people outside of your follower network. They are particularly helpful if you're trying to get the attention of people in your local patch, as you can localise hashtags in the area you serve. 

Get your hashtags right, and you'll stand a better chance of ranking higher on Instagram. That means a greater number of people seeing your posts and more chance of someone coming across the property who wants to book a viewing or, even better, rent it after watching the walkthrough.  

Post frequently

While letting your stock is the name of the game, Instagram is also a great place to build your brand. Its algorithms send your posts with the most likes to the top of users' feeds, meaning you're likely to receive engagement more often. 

Other than posting your stock, why not showcase the local area by highlighting things like the best places to eat or where the nearest stations are created? Take pictures and videos of fun things to do in the area and use your Instagram page as a way to get people excited about living in the neighbourhood. 

Get linking

Previously, Instagram didn't let you do much other than post one link in your bio. However, with handy tools like Linktree, you can now offer different places for your followers to go should they wish to explore your agency further. 

Send them to all of your listings, point them in the direction of your blog page, or give them the spiel about your agency on the "about us" page. You can do all of these and more, which essentially makes Instagram an extension of your website and another powerful marketing tool where you can build an audience and secure more renters for your stock. 

Take a picture. It'll last longer 

Instagram is a great platform to attract renters, especially as it's a place they enjoy hanging out online. If you take great pics of your stock, provide walkthroughs and promote the local neighbourhood, you can use Instagram as an effective way to market and let your listings while growing your brand.  

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