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Monthly Partner Performance Reports

14 January 2019 Amy McKechnie Read time: 2 min
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Amy McKechnie

We're passionate about making renting better, and we know that a big part of that comes down to your customer service, and how your teams interact with renters on a daily basis. For our partner agents, we've launched a monthly reporting email to make sure they can continually improve their business and the experience customers have with them.

Here's a little preview of what sort of information you can expect to find in your monthly reporting email....

The headline stats 🤓

As a business owner or manager, it's important for you to work with great companies who are always investing in improving their service. At Movebubble, we're passionate about solving real customer problems, and you will see this improvement reflected in our growth each month.

At the top of your email, you'll find out exactly how many enquiries we've sent each month, and you can check how that compares to the same period last year.

movebubble-performance (1)


How has your team performed overall? 🙌

Now, it's down to your team to pull together on this one. These combined stats are responsible for where your branch will show on our Landlord Portal.

Here, you'll see the total number of renter enquiries we sent to you last month, what percentage of renters got a response from you, the average rating renters gave you, and the median time it took your team to get back to new enquiries. 



Your branch vs other London agents 🏆

So now we've looked at your team performance, it's time to see how you compare to the other letting agents in London!

Here, you can see your current position on the leaderboard, and we'll also announce who is at the number 1 spot!



Your team leaderboard 💪

Looking at your team's performance, I bet you're wondering who is holding it all together and who's doing a great job responding to the renters we send you each month?

Well, here we'll share with you individuals performance across your team so you can give the right people a promotion 😉 and see anyone who you think might need more training or support.

Our on-boarding team run regular training sessions each week for all our new agents, any agents that are new to a branch and anyone in your team that needs a refresh.

You can book into a 20 minute training session here.



Let us know who should receive the report!


Missed opportunities 😢

Now to the nitty gritty of what's being going on! Most agents are fantastic in answering all enquiries, but in the case that a renter is ignored, we think it's important for you to know about it!

It doesn't look good on your business and brand when a genuine renter tries to contact you, and hears nothing back at all...it also makes us really sad. 

Your team should be aiming for 100% response rate every month 💯

If a renters enquiry goes unanswered for 7 days then it is deleted from the app.




Download your renter list ⬇️

Finally, and this is probably the best bit!  We know it's important for you to understand the full value that your Movebubble subscription brings, so ........drum roll......we'll give you a downloadable list of all the renters who your team spoke to that month, the property they enquired about and the date of the enquiry.  🙌🏽

With this, you can easily cross-reference against your own CRM and see what renters you found new homes for 🏡



We hope you enjoy the monthly reporting email! It's available for all partner agents who have signed up to date, and new partner agents who sign up too! 

For those of you already signed up, let us know who should receive the report!

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