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Who are the Most Renter-Friendly Agents in London? August 2018

19 September 2018 Serena Ionta Read time: 3 min
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Serena Ionta

With thousands of enquiries sent through the Movebubble app, August has been quite a busy month for our partner agents... but you've done such an amazing job! 

It's so cool to see that you're taking our monthly top 10 very seriously and you're trying your best to be one of the most renter-friendly agents on the app πŸ₯‡

Building your reputation is key to success in the rental market, and it will help you attract more renters and landlords to your business.

Finally, it's time to discover who's made it to the top of the leaderboard this month. Curious? Read on to find out the names of our superstar agents and find some handy tips to become #1 next month! If you've missed the top 10 last month, check it out here!




We've asked one of our best negotiators, Nicholas from Franklyn James, to share with us some insights from his experience with the Movebubble app.

Nicholas in #7 on our top agents list! He's handled more than 40 chats with Movebubble renters in the last month: he is a champion of customer service! 

Nicholas Randall

Movebubble: What's the weirdest place you've answered a renter enquiry from? 

quoteI was dancing in a club when I received a message from a renter... and I got back to him immediately! It's so important to answer quickly, or renters will just look somewhere else

Movebubble: Amazing, and why do you think renters are giving you so many 5 star ratings? βœ¨

I guess it's because I always go the extra mile for them. After showing them the property, I always show them the area and local amenities, and I make sure to understand what their needs are so I can come up with useful suggestions!   

Movebubble: How does Movebubble help you?

quoteMovebubble help us reach a different target audience than the one we normally reach online. This means that we can access more business and do more deals!     
Nicholas, Franklyn James Wapping 


Who are last month's top negotiators?

Time to discover the names of the most renter-friendly agents on the Movebubble app ⬇️ 

Ranking Name Agency Branch Response Rate Response Time (min) Star Rating
1 Isobel Miles JLL Greenwich 100% 1 5
2 Liam Reilly Keatons Shoreditch 100% 1 5
3 Nadine Warnakula JLL Greenwich 100% 1 5
4 Chloe Martin Paramount West Hampstead 100% 30 5
5 Daniel White Daniel James Estate Agents Tooting 100% 5 5
6 Stefano Samuel Estates Collier's Wood 98% 1 5
7 Nicholas Randall Franklyn James Limehouse and Wapping 98% 1 5
8 Charlene Forde Vesper Homes London 100% 4 5
9 Sean Porter Porters Estate Agents London 100% 9 5
10 Jake Stillman Mercer Taylor Tooting - Lettings 100% 1 5

Now that you've seen the new list, we've got some homework for you to make sure to be featured in the top 10 next month πŸ€“

Just follow these 4 simple steps and you'll become the most renter-friendly agent in town:

1. Turn on your notifications on the Movebubble app πŸ”›

Having your notifications on will ensure that you see all enquiries on your phone, and you can turn them into deals! What are you waiting for?

2. Get your viewings booked in the app πŸ“

This is the only way your renters will be asked to rate you! It also makes things easier for the renters, because they can keep track of the entire conversation on a single channel! How annoying is it when you contact someone via text and they reply with an email?

3. Respond to all enquiries quickly ⏱

If you don't reply to the renters quickly enough, you might miss the chance to chat to them! One of your colleagues could be quicker and get that deal done... You want that deal for yourself, right?

4. Add your face to your profile 😎

Our landlord page has a new look - check it out here if you haven't seen it yet - and it's really important for you to add a photo to your profile on the Movebubble app! Also, renters are more likely to get in touch with you if you've got a profile photo. So, what are you waiting for?

New training sessions with the Movebubble team

We want you guys to be the best agents in town, that's why we're now offering our partners a 15-minute training session to learn how to make the most out of the Movebubble app!

Would you like to book in your training session? Drop us an email at s.ionta@movebubble.com and let us know! 

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