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How to Make Your Properties Stand Out

4 February 2019 Amy McKechnie Read time: 3 min
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Amy McKechnie

Are you really making the most of having your properties on the Movebubble app? Check out the latest updates to the Movebubble Renter's App to see how you can ensure your properties stand out, and renters can easily discover you; a renter-friendly agent!

It's all about the labels! 🏷

The main update you need to know about, is the new property labels. Properties with the most renter-friendly features will occupy the most amount of space in the search results. It's as simple as that 😊 So, how can you earn your labels? Read on to find out... 


Renter Friendly 🥰

If you're already using the Movebubble App for Partner Agents, you're in luck! Your properties will all be listed with our new 'Renter Friendly' label, to show renters that you're a forward thinking, tech-savvy agent who is there to chat to renters in the app! If you're not on Movebubble yet, find out how to get involved and let renters know you're a friendly agent too!


Fast Reply ⚡️

We know it's super important to renters to get a response from the agent, and in the fastest time possible. And guess what? It's important for you to answer quickly too! Renters will usually make several enquiries at a time, so you can bet that the agent who answers first will be the one to help the renter find a home! You'll earn the 'Fast Reply' label when your branch average response time comes down to under 1 hour! Check out how much work you've got to do by viewing your stats on our leaderboard


5 Star Service 🌟

I'm not sure this one needs much introduction or explanation! But just incase... here goes! You'll earn this label (and we'll show it on all your properties) if your branch is delivering a spotless 5 star service to all their renters! As a reminder, you'll only be able to get a rating from a renter when you book their viewing in the app, and the viewing goes ahead. So, make sure to book those viewings in the app, and earn your stars!


Zero Fees 💰

It doesn't get much more renter-first than this! Renting is a super expensive time, and it can be overwhelming for some renters to get their head around agency fees - as everyone seems to have different rules! Anyway, less talk about fees because they'll be banned very soon. Yep, you heard it right. Banned! *Sound of renters cheering 🙌* So, are you going to be one of the forward-thinking agents, and benefit from more renter enquiries in the next few months? Drop your fees now and benefit from more exposure in the Movebubble app, and subsequently more enquiries from renters! Several agents are doing this already... so don't get left behind!


Zero Deposit 💸

Have you thought about offering a zero deposit scheme in your branch? Again, many agents are offering this already and it's a super valuable benefit for renters and landlords. Offering zero deposit schemes can really help to boost your visibility in the Movebubble app, as renters can search and filter by Zero Deposit properties! 


Utilities or WiFi Included 🖥

So, interestingly we've seen an overwhelming response to our newest filter, "Bills Included". Renters want a streamlined process, and in today's world, who wants to move into a new home and have weeks without WiFi?! We're seeing that renters are putting aside sometimes between £200 and £400 per month for bills, so why not encourage your landlords to offer an all-inclusive option? 


Pet Friendly 🐶

I don't know if any of you guys have pets, but I have a sausage dog called Alfie... and trying to find pet-friendly properties can be a nightmare! Agents who are on-the-ball know that renters with pets often stay in the property longer, and cause less damage than renters with young children. So, encourage landlords to allow pets, and add this to your property description. It's a great way to generate more interest in their properties, and deliver them the asking price on the rent. I'm sure you can encourage your landlords... it must be easier than convincing my dog to go out in the rain 🤣



How Does the Magic Work? 🔮

So, if you've got some of these renter-first benefits to offer... what do you do now?! Don't worry, you basically don't need to do anything. Just ensure you add these benefits to your property description nice and clearly, and we'll let the Movebubble magic do the rest! 


Standing Out on the Homepage

We recently introduced a brand new homepage to the renter app - renters can scroll lists of properties that match their search criteria.


The homepage is pretty cool, as it also include lists of properties solely for our renter friendly agents. These lists include:

  • Super fast agents ⚡️
  • Agents who chat📱
  • 5 star service⭐️

By improving your response time and getting 5 star ratings, you'll get 4 times more exposure of your properties - pretty neat! 


To learn more about becoming a renter friendly agent, just request a quote via the form below 😊 we have a pretty sweeeeet deal running at the moment for new agents!

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