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  • LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram: Which One is Best for Letting Agents?

LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram: Which One is Best for Letting Agents?

22 March 2021 Julie Davidson Read time: 3 min
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Julie Davidson

Social media has become an important way for brands to interact with their audience, and that includes letting agents. More than 3.5 billion people use social media, which essentially means your next landlord or renter is probably on a social media network somewhere. 

When it comes to picking a channel, the usual suspects crop up. LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are often seen as the three primary options, largely because each one offers something different. But which one should your agency use?

In an ideal world, you'll have a presence across all three. But Rome wasn't built in a day, so it's worth investing your time mastering one before moving onto the next. Here are the pros and cons of using LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. 



LinkedIn is primarily for business-to-business interactions, which makes it a hotbed for professional landlords. You'll be hard-pressed to find a letting agent who doesn't operate across LinkedIn, and the social network offers a great opportunity to source new leads. 

Away from hunting for clients, it's also an effective platform for finding talent. Over the years, LinkedIn has evolved into a space that incorporates all things from the professional world. But for many, it's long been a way of finding work. There are plenty of talented letting agents out there, and most of them are on LinkedIn. 


Initially, LinkedIn was rigid with its offering. Over the last few years, however, it has started offering a more fluid service. Video is becoming an increasingly important part of the platform, as is LinkedIn advertising. Yet, it's still a place where people mostly post a comment, with other professionals chipping in. There's nothing wrong with that, per se, but it's still behind the other special media networks in terms of features. 

LinkedIn also isn't a place you can count on for finding renters. Though professional renters use the platform, they don't necessarily go on LinkedIn looking for their next move. The tone and structure doesn't lend itself to an environment where posting available properties has a major impact. While it's possible to source new renters on LinkedIn, you shouldn't count on it as a primary strategy for letting homes. 



Facebook is getting to the point where it's considered a social network for older demographics who are thirty and above. That's good news for you, as most landlord ages tend start in the late thirties. Therefore, you can use your company's Facebook page as a lead acquirement tool. 

By using Facebook Ads, which are still one of the best-sponsored content types available online, you can increase audience reach and create marketing collateral that attracts landlords to your agency. Sponsored content is a highly effective method, with an average conversion rate of 10%. 


Facebook has a lot going on, and it's not always the cleanest interface to navigate. The large-scale privacy leaks over the years also haven't helped, with many consumers now wary of mega-companies like Facebook and Google. 

It's also become somewhat politicised over the last few years, with governments unhappy about its influence. All of these factors combined have left some wary of Facebook and how much it can be trusted. However, it's still a solid platform for businesses who want to engage with audiences and grow their customer base. 



Full of visual flair, Instagram is the perfect platform for showcasing homes. Imagery means everything when it comes to highlighting your stock, and Instagram can help you create an atmosphere around the property, including the local area. 

It's frequented by professional renters, who often enjoy following interior design and home-related accounts. Therefore, you can curate an aesthetically-pleasing Instagram page that sees you racking up the likes and turning followers into renters.  


The visual aspect of Instagram means it's not suited for lots of copy. It's also light on areas where you can link back to your business, although apps like Linktree can help businesses be able to offer faster resources back to their website pages. 

Instagram isn't popular with all age groups, so you shouldn't expect to find a raft of landlords on the platform – at least instantly-recognisable ones. If you're prioritising your audience to focus on landlords, you're better served on Facebook or LinkedIn. 

Get social

All three platforms are great ways to grow your business, and once you've mastered one and built up a good following, you should move onto the next. LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are all diverse enough that they can help you find your target audience with great content. So get racking up those likes, and use these social networks to secure more renters and grow your stock. 

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