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Introducing Book a Viewing and Suggest & Share Properties

12 August 2021 Jodie Cartmer Read time: 2 min
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Jodie Cartmer

The aim of the game is to make our partners’ lives easier by using the Movebubble app and that’s why we’re excited to announce two brand new features that’ll do just that, giving you an even more seamless and transparent way to rent out your properties! 

So read on to discover more about our Book a Viewing and Suggest & Share Properties features and how they’ll get you on your way to letting your properties in no time at all.

Book a Viewing

Let’s start with 'Book a Viewing'. It’s never been easier to schedule a renter in for a viewing in the Movebubble app and you can now book a time that suits your schedule with just a few clicks.

Just hit the Book Viewing button within the chat on the property enquiry. The renter will then receive the request, where they can confirm the viewing or suggest an alternate time. Even better, you’ll get a confirmation from the renter in seconds from the handy in-app chat!

And if you need to change anything, it’s really easy to reschedule. You can cancel if the property becomes unavailable and offer alternative properties from your portfolio that might suit (more on that in a bit). Once everything is scheduled, you can add it to the calendar on your phone in just one tap. 

The Book a Viewing feature adds another dynamic to the app and Renters get the best of both worlds by being able to watch video viewings and secure their home or schedule a viewing if they want to see the property in person. 


Suggest and Share Properties

We know you want to get your stock off the books as quickly as possible and help renters find their dream pad. That’s why we’ve created the Suggest and Share Properties feature, so you can turn those frowns upside down when someone asks about a property that is already off the market! 

Our new features mean you can easily keep them engaged using the Suggest and Share feature to offer alternative properties from your stock. So if a home isn’t available, have a quick look through your listings and offer a similar option in seconds. 

With the added bonus of Video Walkthroughs, renters can really get a good feel for your new suggestions. If they like what they see, they can use the Book a Viewing feature to see the property and decide if it’s somewhere they want to call home. 


Making the most of Movebubble

We live in an on-demand economy where consumers expect instant solutions to their needs, and renters are no different. At Movebubble, we already serve those needs by helping our 750,000-plus renters find their next home instantly. 

Now, with the double bonus of Book a Viewing and Suggest & Share Properties features, you can give your renters instant results in their search for a new home. It makes your life easier, too, as you can control the whole rental process from the Movebubble app and keep everything all in one handy place. 

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