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How Movebubble Helps You Improve Your Staff Motivation πŸ’ͺ🏻

10 September 2018 Serena Ionta Read time: 6 min
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Serena Ionta

Having a highly motivated team is key to your business success: when your staff's motivation is high, it is so much easier for them to deliver great results and your office becomes a great place to be!

And don't forget that a happy office will result in tons of happy customers as well πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Considering that a full-time worker spends almost 25% of their week in an office, it becomes quite clear how important it is for this time to be pleasant.

Did you know that:

The top sources of workplace stress are heavy workload/looming deadlines (33%), unrealistic expectations of managers (22%), Attaining work-life balance (22%), Coworker conflicts (15%)

(Rise, 2017)

From our experience at Movebubble, we've learnt that it is better to work with a smaller team where motivation is at the top rather than having loads of people in the team who aren't really keen on generating results...

We love when someone tells us "Wow! Movebubble must have such a huge team!" and we then reveal the actual number of people that work here...

If you're looking for ways to improve your team's morale and motivation, check out our tips below...

General tips to boost motivation in your office πŸ•Ί

There are some general rules you need to follow when it comes to staff's motivation, and this is even more important if you consider that, according to a study that was conducted by the Hay Group:

"Offices with engaged employees are 43% more productive than the ones with disengaged employees"
(Hay Group, 2017)

To make things smoother for you, we put together a list for you to check what's already in place, and what needs to be added to your company to boost your staff's motivation... Ready? Let's go!

Set SMART Goals 

When you're setting goals for the team, make sure to make them SMART!  It would be useless to ask your negotiators to bring home hundreds of deals every week, without considering the number of properties your agency has in the area, and it wouldn't really make sense to set as a goal something that you cannot really measure!

For this reason, you need to set goals that are:

  • Specific - The goals you set for your team should be very clear and specific, so the efforts are focused on solving a problem and there's no waste of energy! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
  • Measurable - It is good to be able to track the progress with a task in order to keep a high level of motivation πŸ“
  • Achievable - There's no point in setting goals that are too complicated and unrealistic! But make sure to challenge the team a little... You don't want them to get bored, do you? 
  • Relevant - Make sure that the goals matter for the entire company!
  • Time-based - Having a deadline to meet is a very good way to make sure all team members prioritise their tasks correctly, and always work on the most important thing πŸ’ͺ🏻




Listen to employees at all levels of your organisation

The fact that someone is working for your awesome company means that there's something special about them 😍you hired them for a reason!

That's why you should always listen to everyone's thoughts and ideas! All of them are worth listening to, and seeing a problem from different angles might be a great approach to solve it in a more creative way.

Before making any big decisions, make sure to organise a session to keep everyone informed about the changes and take their feedback on board. This is a great way to boost your team's motivation, as they'll know that their thoughts count and they can feel like they're part of the decision making team!

Share your mission and vision of the business with the team

It is easier to keep the motivation level at its highest if everyone in the company is aware of the long-term goals you guys are working towards! Here at Movebubble, we organise meetings every month to keep everyone informed about the short and long-term goals, so everyone in the team knows what to focus on and new members of the staff are ready to help us out! Your team are making hundreds of small decisions every day, so sharing the longer term vision really helps to align the team and give them a basis to make their decisions on.


Bring on the fun at work!

You're going to love this one πŸ’•

Another good way to improve your team's motivation is to plan some cool activities to get together and have FUN! Work should be serious, but not boring! Have you ever considered organising an inspiring movie night?

Scheduling nice events and occasions to get out of the office and have fun with the team, will enhance your staff mood and help them create relationships that go beyond work! Also, working towards fun-time activities feels really rewarding and everyone will be super enthusiastic to work hard in order to make the next drinks-at-fancy-rooftop happen! You could even let people leave early that day!! 😲




How Movebubble helps you motivate your team

The Movebubble Partner app can be a great tool when it comes to team motivation. All the features we've built for you so far - and the ones we're currently building (that are super top secret at the moment) are aimed at making things easier - and cooler - for both agents and renters πŸ™ŒπŸ» 

How can we help you increase staff motivation? Check out this article to see how the Movebubble app turns your Negotiators into mega-awesome tech-savvy super agents! Oh yeah, we went there.

Movebubble creates healthy competition amongst negotiators

A little competition can help everyone in your office be more productive! With Movebubble, a new enquiry is assigned to the fastest negotiator that responds to it, which means the first one who replies will be the only one to get the chance to do that deal πŸ₯‡

The best agents on the app are the ones that respond to all enquiries quickly and thoroughly, trying to help as many renters as they can find the perfect home!

Ratings are fundamental on the app


After scheduling a viewing through the app, the renters are requested to rate the agent they've been chatting with. This is a very important part of using the app, as the higher the position in our ranking, the higher the chance to become the next negotiator of the month and win a fantastic prize! Also, we have a page for landlords which helps them find the best agency in their area, and ranking is quite crucial to be at the top of the leaderboard! We let negotiators know when they get a 5* rating, and who doesn't love being told you did a great job and actually helped someone 😊


It makes the process easy and quick

SuggestPropertiesUsing the app to chat with the renters makes things super easy for agents! It helps them keep the conversation on a single channel, enabling the agent to keep track of the viewings, properties that they've already suggested through the app and the renter's details. The live chat is available 24/7, which means that our negotiators can receive enquiries wherever they are and get back to renters whenever it is more convenient for them (even though it is quite important to respond quickly not to miss out on that enquiry!). In addition, viewings can be easily scheduled through the app in just a few taps.

Suggesting a property is as easy as tapping a button - have you tried it yet?


We keep an eye on the best negotiators and they win prizes 😍

We want our agents to be the most amazing in town! That's why we encourage all of them to provide renters with an amazing service and to be helpful at all times.

It is pretty nice when someone tells you you've done a great job, isn't it? For this reason, on the third week of the month we select the best agent among our partners and give him or her our "Negotiator of the month" prize! Check out our next Newsletter to find out what the prize is like!

Win landlords


We read our renter's feedback and let you know if there's something wrong...

We're here to make renting better for everyone! That's why we always listen to the renters' feedback and make sure to let you know if something went wrong when a renter tried to interact with you. As previously mentioned, having a good reputation is fundamental for you in order to attract more renters and landlords to your agency!

Your negotiators are competing for more than just renter's enquiries

A landlord lead is very important to you guys - it can be worth up to Β£25k if they stick with you over the years!

We've recently improved our tool for landlords to find the best agencies in their area by giving them the possibility to search by area. Have you seen it yet? Here's a sneak preview...

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 11.43.35

Trying to be #1 on the agencies list can be a very powerful means for you to motivate the team! Talk about it with your staff and make sure everyone knows how to hold down the top spot on the leaderboard πŸ†


Movebubble renters are high-quality leads

On Movebubble, the agents will see all the important details about the renters on the app. They'll see their company, their job role, their budget... This way, you're sure you can provide the best suggestions to the renters! It also saves your team hours on the boring part of going through loads of poor quality leads. As one agent described it to us: "Cleansing through a database of crap"

Boost your team members' motivation!

Want to start improving your staff's motivation with the Movebubble app? Request a quote today to bring Movebubble to your branch! ⬇️

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