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How to Prioritise Your Audience as a Letting Agent

12 March 2021 Julie Davidson Read time: 2 min
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Julie Davidson

Prioritisation and personalisation are both necessary to help letting agents win more clients. It’s the same with every business, but when it comes to moving home, the need to provide a personalised service is even more important. 

It’s what can make the difference between winning an instruction and letting a home or losing out to a local competitor. And while you all know the importance of prioritising your audience, actually doing it can prove slightly more tricky. 

We’ve put this guide together on personalisation and how to ensure both your landlords and renters feel like a priority in your eyes. So read on and use our handy tips on how to prioritise your audience with personalised services. 

Create focused content

You don’t need to speak directly to each client to offer personalised services and strike a chord – creating content like blog posts, newsletters, and ebooks is a smart way to engage with them using focused content to solve their pain points. 

It might come in the form of guides for landlords on how to self-manage their property or a list of things renters need to know about before they rent a home. By focusing your efforts on specific content that helps both landlords and renters, you’re positioning yourself as an expert while speaking to each reader directly in a way that feels more personalised.   

Research conduct surveys and talk to locals

Being active in your local neighbourhood is a great way to understand your clients better and, therefore, create a more fine-tuned service to their needs. Think about running local surveys, asking landlords and renters specific questions about their experience. 

Not only will it show that you care about helping them, but it also provides an opportunity to get better insights into your customers and potential customers. That type of data is invaluable and can help you craft customer personas that shape your future marketing efforts. 

Empower them

Making people feel involved is always a savvy move and one that can pay dividends if done right. We previously spoke about how you can implement user-generated content to engage with your audience, and it’s a surefire way to make them feel valued. 

It’s also worth running competitions and encouraging them to participate in your agency, too. The prizes don’t even need to be expensive or luxury; it’s more about getting that two-way interaction going. Both UGC and competitions can help empower audiences and build a strong relationships. 

Work with the partners

There’s no better way to tap into a larger customer than by partnering with brands that already cater to your target audience’s needs. Take Movebubble, for example. We have a platform with over 750,000 renters looking for their next home and provide a community where they can get all the info they need about renting and finding somewhere to live. 

Renters can find, view and secure their home without even leaving the app, thanks to video walkthroughs and instant bookings that speed up the process. It gives agents a renter-specific way to advertise their properties and offers access to a greater number of potential renters. We’d call that a win-win. 

Priority number one

Providing personalised services to customers and potential clients is becoming increasingly important, especially letting agents who are hyper localised. That sense of community is still strong, and landlords and renters who feel like they’re a priority with your agency will look to you when it comes to letting and renting homes. 

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