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How to Podcast as a Letting Agent

24 December 2020 Julie Davidson Read time: 3 min
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Julie Davidson

Over 12% of the adult population listen to podcasts in the UK, which is about 6.5 million people. And in the last 10 years, they'e gone from strength to strength, and just about every topic has found its way into a podcast show.

If you want to hear two sisters re-reading Harry Potter, there's a podcast for it. Fancy finding out about the moon landing? Well, guess what? There's a fair few podcasts about that too. You can even find multiple podcasts about the UK rental market, which is why podcasting is a great opportunity for your letting agency and should form part of your marketing plan.

But how do you podcast about lettings? In this guide, we're covering everything you need to know about how to podcast, from the topics worth covering to setting it up. Read on, and find out how to podcast as a letting agent.

Why podcasts?

In a world where we expect easy access to information, the podcast is the perfect tool to meet our demands. It's easily digestible, can be listened to in segments and doesn't require much brainpower to sit down and hear a couple of people natter away for an hour or so.

Letting agents podcasting

It helps kill time on long train journeys into work, acts as the ideal Sunday evening listening or is something you can have on in the background while cooking in the kitchen. And all we need to listen to one is a smartphone, which is something just under half of the world's population owns.

What to podcast

As a letting agent, your topic of expertise is, obviously, the rental market. Fortunately, there's plenty of topics you can cover, whether they focus on the local market or the nationwide picture. It's all about finding an interesting angle and resonating with your audience, be it landlords, renters, or both.

The local market

A local podcast might not get significant reach, as the audience is more specific. But you're talking to a key demographic who have a stronger chance of connecting with your topics. Talk about your local area and its impact on the rental market, using your platform to provide thought leadership to the landlords and renters you want to convert.


A podcast is a great platform to get other people's thoughts and opinions about your industry. Speak to local renters and landlords, gaining first-hand insight into their experiences in the rental market – a live case study, if you will. You can also interview others in the industry, including partners and people of interest.

Live diaries

Podcasts are handy for providing "a day in the life" type content about you and your colleagues, offering more details about the day-to-day of your job – including the challenges faced and the moments of success. People often find these types of stories inspiring, and they can be helpful to provide your audience with a better idea about your role.

Agent insight

Give people a deep dive into the job of letting agent, talking about how you qualify leads and experiences you've had in the industry. These topics will likely appeal to other agents while also being of interest to landlords and renters, who get to see things from your point of view.

How to set up a podcast

After coming up with a topic, you'll need to set up your podcast. Decide where you're going to record it (ideally somewhere quiet) and then get the equipment together. You'll need a good microphone for high-quality audio and should expect to pay about £75-£100.

Setting up a podcast

Once you've recorded the podcast, you'll need to do some basic editing. Programs like Garageband and Audacity are free and relatively simple to use. Then it's time to decide where you're going to host it: you can upload to your website, but it's also a good idea to explore platforms like Apple, YouTube and Spotify to increase exposure.

Repurposing podcasts

Another great thing about podcasts is the ability to turn them into different forms of content. You can repurpose a podcast, converting it into a blog post by featuring key takeaway from your chat. It's also possible to take an hour-plus podcast and break it down into short soundbites and share them on social media.

One podcast could essentially be worth three or four pieces of content. That means you could focus on doing one large podcast per month and continue to benefit from it with blog articles, social media posts and other forms of content.

Podcast champion

Having a podcast for your letting agency adds another dynamic and helps keep things fresh with easily digestible content. It offers potential clients a different viewpoint into how you work and is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge in the form of fun interviews and talks that capture your audience's imagination.

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