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How to Manage Your Properties on Movebubble

10 July 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 2 min
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Simon Banks

We are super excited to announce that partners can now manage their own properties on Movebubble. It means you can show your stock in the very best light. After all, property listings are a pretty big deal, especially as renters can now find, view and offer on a home using our app.

Having the ability to edit them allows you to make small tweaks here and there which could have a significant impact. The good news is that our partners can now edit lots of details about their properties in the app.

Here’s what you can do!

Add video walkthroughs

Video is all the rage at the moment, which is why you should add a video walkthrough to your property listing. With video walkthroughs on Movebubble, renters can see a home and place a holding deposit without needing to attend a physical viewing.



Adding video walkthroughs is a breeze too. You can do it on your smartphone, and it only takes no time at all to create unfiltered viewings that show a real representation of a property. Say goodbye to physical viewings and hello to faster lets.

The price is right

Sometimes properties don’t achieve the market price, and landlords feel like reducing the asking rent. Using the Movebubble app, you can edit the property’s rental price, as well as the number of beds, bathrooms and whether or not it’s offered furnished or unfurnished.

But that’s not all; you can change whether the entire home is on the market or it’s rooms in a house share. Add and edit photos, floor plans and EPCs, so renters have all the juicy details. Let them know which floor the property is on if it’s in an apartment block, along with its apartment number and square footage. After all, they say size does matter.

self serve - image 2self serve - image 3

Don’t forget to let renters know if the property is exclusive to Movebubble (everyone loves an exclusive), any specific features it might have, and if there are community features for Build-to-Rent buildings.

Editing and updating your listing doesn’t only keep it fresh. It will push your properties to the top of search results on the Search App. That means regularly editing and updating your stock creates a higher chance of it getting discovered.

More control over individual apartments and Build-to-Rent

Enjoy more control over your properties, whether you’re advertising an individual apartment or entire Build-to-Rent community.

Individual apartments

You have the option to edit property filters and display them by elements like asking price, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and whether there’s a video walkthrough on offer.


Filter your stock by show homes, all homes (even individual Build-to-Rent apartments) or entire Build-to-Rent communities, giving renters a complete overview of your properties.

Sharing is caring

Once you’ve updated your snazzy properties, you can share them (along with video walkthroughs) with renters directly. Simply fire up the partner app and nudge renters in the direction of your awesome stock. You can also use all the usual methods to share, such as SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger et cetera.

And it’s live!

Talking of things being live; it’s super easy to toggle between a property status, showing whether it’s live on Movebubble or removing it once a renter has snapped it up. With a quick click of a button, you can change its status, which means your property listings will always be right up to date on the platform. You can even set its position on the map if need be. 

self serve - image 1

Click, edit, repeat

Having the ability to edit so many aspects related to properties means you can really highlight a home’s features and generate plenty of interest. And with renters now able to watch a video walkthrough and place a holding deposit without physically visiting a property, well-crafted listings could go off the market just as soon as they’ve entered it. That’s bound to leave plenty of happy partners and landlord.

If you’d like to organise training on how to manage your properties on Movebubble, drop us an email to partners@movebubble.com and we can organise to come and visit your team, or host a video call!





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