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How to Have Great Interactions With Landlords and Renters

24 May 2021 Julie Davidson Read time: 2 min
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Julie Davidson

Being a people person is a requirement for letting agents. After all, conversing with clients takes up a significant part of the job, as you need to keep both renters and landlords happy. 

That’s why it’s crucial to have great interactions with them. A solid relationship with your client holds plenty of weight, which is why we’ve put this guide together about making sure your communication with renters and landlords is tip top. 

The importance of great interactions with landlords and renters

Your customers have high expectations, and if they’re not met, they’ll quite happily take their business to another local letting agent. While that might sound a tad harsh, it’s also the truth – and sometimes the truth hurts. 

But not to worry, because you don’t need it to reach the point where landlords and renters are thinking about using someone else’s services. You can have excellent interactions and build your reputation as the local letting agent that really cares. 

Show empathy and gratitude

They say, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, which essentially means you should treat renters and landlords like you’d want to be treated. Empathy plays a significant role here, and understanding the needs of your renters and landlords' specific issues will go a long way to building trust. 

Demonstrate empathy and show gratitude for their loyalty. You can do this by thanking your customers, whether it’s for the feedback they provided, the patience they’ve shown or their understanding if you make a mistake. And when it comes to complaints and issues from their side, you should always show total empathy. 

Be transparent and communicative

Transparency and communication go hand in hand and are vital components to any customer service role, including being a letting agent. Historically, there have been some trust issues between the public and letting/estate agents. 

And while the stereotype is finally disappearing, it’s essential that you continue offering a transparent service. That means making sure landlords and renters completely understand the process of renting and are aware of everything required from them, thanks to your expert guidance. 

Ask for and act on customer feedback

Word of mouth has always been a key driver for any businesses’ success. And in today’s world, it’s even more important, as people can read reviews about your letting agency with just a few clicks online. 

If you have great interactions with renters and landlords and, in return, they love your service, you should encourage them to spread the word. Boosting your online profile can have a major positive impact. Plus, it can help you understand more about your business and where you can improve further to keep offering a killer service. 

Go where your customers are

Being where your customers are is an integral part of having great interactions with them. If a renter or landlord messages you on Twitter or Instagram, make sure you reply to them on there.

Consumers expect a fluid experience and don’t want to have to trawl through to your website to find the contact page if they’re already on your social media account. Strive to respond to customer requests on the platform where they initiate contact. Doing so will earn you brownie points and get things off to a good start.

Talk like a human

This should go without saying, but the key to excellent interactions with landlords and tenants is, well, talking like a human and being yourself (while being professional, of course). People don’t want scripted conversations with robots – they want real-life interactions. 

Use your judgment where necessary and, most importantly, be authentic. The odd gif or hashtag won’t go amiss during chats, and being friendly, cheerful and conversational is a great way to build up a rapport. 

Let’s have a one to one

Having great interactions with your landlords and renters can help increase the stock you take on and move it just as quickly. Being the agent who is all about five-star reactions can help you establish your agency as you become the go-to letting agent in your local area. 

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