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How to Choose the Right Partner on the Rental Market

11 October 2020 Eva Zannettou Read time: 3 min
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Eva Zannettou

Rome wasn't built in a day, but we'd still be waiting for it to finish if it was left to one person to build it. Getting a little help from your friends every now and then can speed up a process, bringing new layers in the process.

If you're a letting agent – whether it's early days or you've been doing this forever– there's no harm in partnering up to expand your audience and maximise resources. But how do you find a great partner who is going to enhance your letting agency?

We've been doing a bit of thinking about what letting agents should look for in a great partner and how it all fits into the day-to-day here at Movebubble. So if you're thinking about partnering up but aren't quite sure about what qualities to look for, this article is for you. Read on, and enjoy!

Share the same ethos

Everyone needs to share the same vision and ethos in a partnership – you want to work with people who hold the same core values as you. In terms of a letting agency, that means partnering with someone who understands the importance of renters finding great homes and landlord happiness.

The two go hand in hand, with landlords benefiting from fewer void periods when they have happy renters living in their properties. But to find those renters, you need to understand the mindset and demands of the modern-day renter.

A renter user base

There's no point having all that lovely stock on your books if you don't have any interest from renters. Choosing a partner to work with means identifying someone who can get the right people looking at your properties.

They should have a renter-first approach and understand the mindset of a renter. That way, you can focus on finding landlords and keeping them happy while your partner offers access to top-notch renters who are move-in ready.

An emphasis on tech

There's no doubt that the world of lettings is a people business, but that doesn't mean the technology isn't important. In fact, we'd argue that technology enhances a letting agent's strengths. Eg, you focus on the people side of things while technology makes your life easier.

Renters are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, as Millennials and Generation Z become an integral part of the UK property scene. But how can you be a tech-friendly letting agent?

Video viewings

Video viewings have taken on even more importance in the world of Covid and lockdowns. But they were increasing in popularity pre-coronavirus. A video walkthrough offers renters more insight into a home, giving them an unfiltered experience of what it's really like to live there. They are also great for people moving from overseas or different towns and cities. Plus, video viewings save you and renters plenty of time, as they eliminate the need to go from one property to another for physical viewings.

Instant bookings

Consumers have become accustomed to instant gratification, and it's no different for renters. E-sign and online referencing have gone some way to digitise the renting experience, but now it's time to ramp it up a gear with instant bookings. A renters' life becomes that little bit easier if they can view and secure one of your homes without having to move from their sofa.

Seamless chats

As an agent, we're sure that you know all too well about receiving dozens of enquiries through different emails that end up with a jumbled and frustrating chain. With tech initiatives like instant chats, you can see all your conversations with renters in one handy place. This makes it easier for you and the renter. to access chats and communicate more efficiently You'll never need to look at an email thread again.

They make you look good

Most importantly, partners make you look good. You're the front and centre of the show, and a great partner knows how to get you looking like an A-star letting agent and the best in your patch. Ok, we get that the word "partner" indicates equal billing, but there's only one person who can take centre stage.

And at Movebubble, we're all about enhancing our partners so that they look great. Think of us as the Robin to your Batman, the Watson to your Holmes, and the… well, you get the point.

Partnering with Movebubble

It's important to find the right partner, one that will add another dimension to your letting agency and, ultimately, help increase your bottom line. And we think that Movebubble is the perfect partner for your agency, thanks to our renter-first approach, emphasis on smart tech that lets you get on with the nitty-gritty of lettings, and access to modern-day renters. So why not partner up and get 700,000-plus verified renters looking at your stock?

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