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How Movebubble Helps you Beat the Local Competition

29 August 2018 Serena Ionta Read time: 3 min
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Serena Ionta

There may be many other letting agents in your area, but there's something special about you, which makes you the best choice for both landlords and renters! πŸ’•

Thanks to Movebubble, you can become the most reliable, tech-savvy and the fastest letting agent to respond to the renters' enquiries in your area. But how does Movebubble help you? Check out this article to understand the 5 things that will make sure you beat the local competition, do more deals and attract more landlords, and how you can make the most out of the Movebubble app!

Not on the app yet? Read on to discover how Movebubble helps you win πŸ™ŒπŸ»


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1. You'll be the first one to answer

As we mentioned, providing renters with a quick and helpful reply is key to your success. We know that you guys receive loads of emails and calls every day - especially at this time of year - from renters that want to enquire about a property and need some suggestions about available properties that might suit their needs... but how hard is it to keep an eye on all of them, and most importantly, not to miss a single enquiry? πŸ‘€

Movebubble makes your day-to-day routine simpler. Our instant chat is the quickest way to communicate with your customers, and it is quicker for you to suggest properties and get feedback. 

Intercom, a champion of customer service, has studied how using live chat as a preferred channel to communicate increases the chances of converting potential customers into paying ones:

quoteAfter chatting with you 6 times, your customers are 250% more likely to convert...


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Being the first one to answer, being able to chat to renters outside of working hours and having the app with you at all times, will help you have loads of happy customers and prevent renters from looking for a property somewhere else. It's all about time! ⏱

2. You're super organised


It's easy to lose track of a conversation if it doesn't sit on a single channel. Thanks to the live chat, Movebubble helps you avoid fragmented conversations and potential loss of leads.

Having a one-stop channel to communicate with your customers means that you won't forget which properties you've already shown them and which viewings you've scheduled with them. Also, you can synchronise the app with your calendar, so you won't forget about the viewings you've scheduled with your renters. Can't remember what a renter was asking for? Don't panic: all you need is in your pocket - on the Movebubble app. 

Remember that all the time saved, can be used to get more deals done, and more commission for you!

3. You're tech savvy πŸ’ͺ🏻

In this tech-savvy world, you don't want to be left behind!

Would you be able to survive without your mobile phone? Would you rather call a restaurant directly to order your take-away dinner or use Deliveroo to do it in a couple of taps? Would you rather call a local taxi firm or book one using an app and have it arrive in a couple of minutes? The same question can be asked to a renter who will decide the most convenient channel to get in touch with you - during their busy day at work - and enquire about a property. Would they rather make several phone calls, send loads of emails or... go for instant chat and receive a reply in minutes? 


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4. Movebubble helps you stand out from the crowd

rate-1Your online reputation is so important. It is crucial to be #1, which means you have to improve it and monitor it at all times ✨On Movebubble, renters can rate you after a viewing and let you know what they liked or disliked about the service you've provided.

Being active on the app will also enable you to get into our top 10 negotiators list (if you make it to the top of it, of course!), which we update every month. It's a great way to keep an eye on your performance, and to become one of the most renter-friendly agents in London.

Check out our top tips to become a renter-first brand, and put them in practice today to become the most loved agent in town πŸ’•

5. It's where landlords can find you

Being one of the best letting agents in the Capital, will boost your reputation in front of potential landlords. They're not simply looking for an estate agent to put their property on the market, they're searching for someone trustworthy who can help them over the next few years. They also want someone that the renters are happy to deal with, so they can make sure they won't have gaps between a tenancy and another one... Here are the 5 things that landlords really care about and how you can stand out!

On our website, we provide landlords with a leaderboard of the best agencies in London, to compare them and decide which one is the best option for them... Is your name on the list?


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Ready to become the quickest and most renter-friendly agent in town? Get in touch with us to get a quote for your branch πŸ™ŒπŸ»

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