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  • How Movebubble Helps Partners Get Deals Done During Lockdown

How Movebubble Helps Partners Get Deals Done During Lockdown

2 October 2020 Julie Davidson Read time: 2 min
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Julie Davidson

With another Lockdown potentially just around the corner, businesses up and down the land will be preparing themselves for what lies ahead. It's no different in the rental market, where letting agents need to ensure their setup is well prepared to avoid void periods for landlords during a second lockdown.

Here at Movebubble, we're all about helping our great partners get things done – and that includes being pandemic proof with their letting agency. So read on, and find out everything you need to know about how we'll help you get deals done, even during lockdown.


Being stuck at home doesn't need to mean zero lets on your landlord's properties. During the first lockdown, many agents pivoted to a video viewings approach. And this time around we're sure you're already getting the filming done. But it's always nice to have a little bit of help.

Our Video Walkthroughs offer an unfiltered look into a property, letting renters know what it's really like to live there. And best of all, they're super easy to make, there's no need to subscribe to a third party company or spend money on expensive equipment. All you need is a smartphone to film the home. Then you can upload them to Movebubble in minutes.

From there, renters can click on your properties and watch a short and snappy walkthrough of the home and communal areas. A video viewing saves hours when compared to physical viewings – something that won't even be possible during a lockdown – and provides renters with an immersive way to view homes.

Instant offers

Making an offer on Movebubble

So renters are clicking on your videos and are liking what they see. What happens next? They move, that's what. Instant Booking lets renters secure your properties without the need to leave their sofa. And it gets even better: we verify renters before they offer on your properties.

That means you're getting offers from qualified renters who have already passed affordability checks. Good times. There's no need to worry about going through the whole pre-qualification process, which means you can focus on the other aspects of getting renters in your homes.

Video viewings, combined with instant offers, mean that renters can find, view and secure their homes on the Movebubble app. The result is faster lets for your agency and a higher volume of deals. Take that, lockdown.

Chat here there and everywhere

Letting agents using the Movebubble app to chat with renters and team members

The ability to chat literally anywhere is more important than ever, especially as we all need to work remotely during a lockdown. The Movebubble chat features lets you talk to your team and renters without any of the complications of trawling through lengthy email chains.

Keep all your chats in one handy place so that you have more transparency over conversations taking place. The Movebubble app is always on, too, which means you can do deals out of hours and respond to queries from renters without any hassle of digging out that 18-email long chain.

Just imagine: a renter wants to secure a home late at night but needs to ask a few more questions about the property. They ping you a message, and all you need to do is scroll on over to the Movebubble app and respond in seconds. Now you've got a happy renter who loves the five-star service, and a let property.

Get moving while you stay at home

A second lockdown might be on the horizon, but this time you can equip yourself for all the potential scenarios. Partnering with Movebubble helps you keep ahead of the curve with video walkthroughs, instant offers and one place to keep track of all your communications.

If you want to ensure that deals keep flowing throughout a second lockdown, get in touch, and we'll be happy to walk you through how it all works. Provide renters with a seamless platform for them to rent their home while you do deals faster – and nobody needs to leave their house.

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