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How Letting Agents Can Integrate External Marketing into Their Content

25 October 2020 Eva Zannettou Read time: 3 min
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Eva Zannettou

Content marketing is no longer a buzzword built up to sell a new fad. It’s become a bona fide way for companies to accelerate their brand and it will be worth an astonishing £322bn by 2021. Therefore, it’s something that you should be doing to enhance the profile of your letting agency.

Fortunately, content marketing comes in all forms, including making use of it from external sources. From working with freelancers to finding the right partners, external methods can give your internal practices a considerable boost. Here’s how.

Understanding your content

You don’t need to be a marketing guru to understand how your content resonates with renters and landlords. By now, you will have an inkling for the type of stuff they interact with and what gets their attention. And you’ll want to ensure that people you work with share the same ethos.

Content marketing

You’re likely vying with other letting agents to get people’s attention; therefore, your content should stand out from the crowd and offer something that shows landlords and renters that you really get them, whether it’s market reports on yields for landlords or area guides for renters.

The outsourcing route

No matter how good your team is at the agency, it’s unlikely that you will be able to draw on a vast and diverse pool of talent in-house for so many different departments. So what’s the answer? Outsourcing certain aspects of your marketing strategy.

In 2019, the outsourcing market was worth £92bn worldwide, and it’s become an essential method for companies to add an extra string to their bow. Outsourcing allows you to punch above your weight and create content that has a fresh take on your brand ideals – as long as you’re on the same page as the people that you’re working with.

Reading from the same page

Before working with anyone externally, you need to be certain that potential partners get what your agency is trying to do. That doesn’t simply relate to understanding that content needs to appeal to renters and landlords; it’s deciphering how you talk to people and why.

Reading from the same book

Of course, part of that learning curve will come from the information you provide. After seeing their previous work, set a small task for freelancers to see if they can speak the same language as you for marketing content, whether it’s designing a web page or writing a blog post.

Allocating a budget

Your marketing budget is important for driving the business forward and raising awareness. Depending on the size of your agency, you will most likely be swamped with work and need a little help from some friends. Adding external resources can remove much of the burden.

A medium-ish-sized agency may have one or two marketers working in-house, while a smaller agency is likely to have a few team members who do a little bit of everything. Therefore, allocating part of your budget to external marketing can be beneficial in the long run and build up a strong stream of content.

Who should you work with?

Different types of external marketing

So you know the basics around working with external talent, but who are the profiles of people that you should be looking to work with? Do you go for freelancers or partner up with reputable companies – or maybe it’s a bit of both.


Getting the look of your agency right is one of the most important aspects, as it’s often the first interaction customers have with your service. A top-level designer can enhance the look and feel of your agency’s branding, from website design to creating social media ads and just about everything in between.


From blog posts to emails and press releases to white papers, a writer can bring words to life with engaging content that resonates with your audience. Once they have your tone of voice down to a tee, they can be the wordsmith that tells the stories of your agency.

Social media experts

Social media is becoming an increasingly important platform for letting agencies to use. And with 3.6 billion people owning a social media account, it’s safe to say that a fair amount of your local patch belongs to a social network or two. Someone who can tap into those people and help build a community is vital.

SEO specialists

The purpose of content is to entertain and inform an audience, so you need people interacting with your blog posts, videos, social media posts, landing pages and just about everything else. An SEO expert can help get eyes on the prize and build an audience across the web organically.

Renter-focused partners

One of the best ways to make use of external content is by working with like-minded partners. Here at Movebubble, our mission is to help renters find their next home, and we do it by offering our 700,000 strong community the best homes on the market.

With Walkthroughs, instant chats and the ability to secure a home, you can advertise your listings to verified renters – and it’s all done through the app, which makes it a seamless experience for everyone involved. Plus, we talk the language of renters with our insights, and there are loads of resources that you tap into.

It’s all about the content

As an agent, you need to create content to keep things fresh, build your brand and acquire leads. Working with external sources can speed up your to secure renters and landlords while bringing a fresh angle to your agency.

If you’re interested in more insights, check out our agent hub for everything from Covid-related content to how to create a marketing strategy. And if you’d like to advertise your properties on Movebubble, fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch.

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