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How Letting Agents Can Get the Most Out of Their Existing Marketing Content

20 December 2020 Eva Zannettou Read time: 2 min
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Eva Zannettou

The creation of new marketing collateral plays an important role in any letting agency's success, but so too does repurposing content. Organic search holds a 51% share across traffic searches, and repurposing your previous blog posts, reports, and podcasts can help improve your agency’s visibility online, while extending your content and increasing reach. 

How do you refresh your existing content to ensure it stays relevant, you ask? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because this guide is all about getting the most out of your current marketing material, from articles to presentations and much more. So read on and become a repurpose pro.

Why should letting agents repurpose content?

Search engine traffic plays a significant role for all brands operating online, with the UK rental market being especially competitive. Therefore, updating previously well-ranked content on Google can help it stay at the top of the tree, while improving on content that struggles against competitors could provide a boost which sees it fly up the rankings.

You can also break up existing content and use it across different platforms. Let’s say you’ve got a long blog post of 1,500-plus words about the local neighbourhood rental market. Take that content and split it up into smaller sections to share across social media, or look to turn some parts into an infographic.

If you already have a solid content plan, then you’re simply taking existing work and using it elsewhere. Doing so helps improve your current marketing outlay while updating its relevance for newer audiences.

Which content should you target?

Not all content is eligible for an upgrade, and if you’re using time-sensitive material, then it’s best to leave as is. However, evergreen content – search-optimised content that stays relevant – is ideal for repurposing. This includes...

Blog posts

Blog posts for repurpose

Whether it’s an area guide, landlord advice articles or information for renters, you can add updates for lots of blog posts. For example, you might write an article about gas safety advice for landlords and choose to update it if new information becomes available. Or perhaps a restaurant has closed down in the neighbourhood, and you want to replace it with a new one in your guide. Updating blog posts can improve your organic SEO, helping you to rank better on search engines.

Case studies

Case studies for letting agents

Using a case study is a great way to show thought leadership on a subject, and it’s perfect for breaking up into snapshots that you can share on other platforms. Take sections and post them on social media or include a small sample in a blog post with a downloadable link to the full study.


Interviews for letting agents

Interviews are particularly popular in the rental market, whether they’re with local renters, landlords or team members who talk about the ins and outs of their role. Once you have a group of interviews, you can repackage them into an expert advice book and use it as downloadable content.


Podcast for letting agents

Everyone and their dog has a podcast these days, and for a good reason. In the UK, 6.5 million people listen to a podcast, so there’s plenty of scope to reach new audiences. Podcasts aren’t just a great way of telling your story; they can also be repurposed. Take a podcast and turn it into a blog post or break it up into smaller sections and share them in easily digestible soundbite form.


Data for letting agents

We’re sure that you come across plenty of data about your neighbourhood – and data equals content. Turn insights into exciting articles and reports, again showing your thought leadership and how well you know the area. It’s not about telling people how many instructions you’ve won. Instead, use data to inform them about the market, such as the most popular property types.

Making content repurpose part of your wider strategy

Repurposing content shouldn’t be something you do every now and then; it should play a fundamental role in your marketing strategy. By staying on top of your repurposing game, you can refresh content and give other collateral a new lease of life by using it across several different platforms.

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