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How is Movebubble Different From Property Portals?

How is Movebubble Different From Property Portals?

25 August 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 2 min
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Simon Banks

Being different is good. You should stand out from the crowd and offer something unique. And that’s just what we do here at Movebubble, ensuring our partners get a service that provides alternatives to the traditional portal system.

Exposure is the name of the game, but getting your properties in front of the right people is just as important. Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket provide a platform for your properties, but they don’t hone in on the audience.

At Movebubble, our speciality is putting rental properties on a pedestal and giving 700,000-plus renters access to them. But how do we do that, you ask? That’s what we’re here to tell you with the lowdown on how Movebubble is different from property portals.

All under one roof

Portals advertise your properties, and in some cases, they even have video viewings. Not too shabby if you ask us. But that’s where the praise ends. An enquiry goes to the agent, who then responds via email or phone. After that, the portal has done its job. No more interaction.

Cat underneath a book

But for many renters - and agents - this way of doing business is fragmented. Dealing with loads of enquiries through multiple streams is hard to keep track of, and it often slows down communication times.

The Movebubble app lets you live chat with renters who are enquiring about a property, and you have all the enquiries in one handy place. There’s no losing track of renter queries, and those looking for a property have easier access to information.

Flexible options

Portals let renters change their search filters, but options are usually limited. Searching for a property by the number of bedrooms is a given, but what about more renter-specific filters? We go one step further, allowing renters to narrow their search requirements.

From aspects like looking for homes that offer zero deposits or pet-friendly properties, we give renters a choice. Which means we give our partners a choice too. You can manage your properties on Movebubble with greater freedom than the portals, adding important tidbits like rental price, deposit scheme, which floor the property is on and much more.

You have flexibility over your property adverts so that you can craft them to appeal to a specific type of renter. Editing and updating listings keep it fresh, moving it to the top of Movebubble’s list while providing renters with a better overview of their next potential home.

Everything now

Renter making an instant booking

You can set up a bank account in minutes, sign up to a streaming platform with thousands of movies and TV shows with just a few clicks, and have five-star food delivered straight to your door without needing to get up from the couch. So why is renting a home still a laborious process?

Instant book

The good news is that it’s not anymore. With Instant Book, renters enjoy a simpler and more convenient way to move home. And you can rent out your stock faster. Everybody wins.

After a renter decides they want to move in, we’ll verify their credentials. Then renters can place a holding deposit to get the ball rolling. And it all happens in a matter of minutes on the Movebubble app, something you can’t do on portals.

Home Walkthroughs

It’s all well and good having an option to receive a holding deposit from a verified renter, but they’ll need to see the property first. Home Walkthroughs are the gamechanger the rental market has been waiting for.

Research shows that the demand for video viewings was already on the rise before Covid-19. The pandemic has only accelerated their need. Movebubble lets renters find, view and rent a flat from anywhere with short and snappy, unfiltered videos of properties that provide a genuine representation of what it’s like to live there.

As an agent, you can upload a video in seconds and have it ready to go, showing off the apartment and potential amenities around the building.

Why so different?

Having options is essential for making the right decisions. With Movebubble, you have an option that goes way beyond the typical offerings of a property portal. From a focus on your renter-exclusive homes to video viewings in the app and the entire process taking place under one roof, Movebubble puts the renting experience first. And that’s ideal if you’re renting out a property.

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