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Benefits of Removing Physical Property Viewings

7 May 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 3 min
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Simon Banks

It’s like you’re there. But you’re not there. But also, you’re kind of there. And that, in a nutshell, sums up the beauty of video walkthroughs. Who would have thought we’d make it to a day and age where you can view a home without even visiting it?

Well, everyone here at Movebubble sort of did. But this isn’t a time for doffing our own caps. Instead, we’re here to answer questions around the benefits of removing physical viewings. It’s all about the pros for you, the agent and our renters.

You can enjoy smarter working processes by getting rid of that fiddly task of conducting a physical viewing. And we’re here to tell you how. So, sit back, relax and discover the benefits of removing physical property viewings.

Faster turnaround times

So a renter has got in touch and told you they adore the one-bedroom, 5th-floor apartment at a riverside development in Fulham. The next stage is to arrange a viewing. But what if they could see the ins and outs of the property straight from the listing page?

Either two things would happen: they could see enough of the home online to know they’re definitely interested, which results in booking a physical viewing with more intent. Or, even better, they love the property so much [that] they decide to make an offer there and then.

Even if they choose option A and the physical viewing isn’t completely removed, you’ll know their interest is genuine — and it’s more likely they’ll make an offer. But if the renter decides they want to make an offer straight after the video walkthrough, you can enjoy a shorter renting process and faster turnaround time.

Say goodbye to back and forth


Physical viewings can get complicated. They often rely on three parties to make them a success: the interested renter, the current occupant/landlord and the letting agent. As you can imagine, finding a time that suits everyone is far from easy.

Busy schedules act as a barrier to arranging physical viewings. Even when something is pencilled in the calendar, there’s a chance it will change and get rescheduled again and again and again and… well, you get the point.

With video walkthroughs, however, there’s no need to worry about finding a viewing time that suits everyone. Renters can select the properties that interest them and watch a live walkthrough with informative information about the home, such as whether it’s a quiet flat or has communal areas (which the renter can aslo see).

Imagine how much time and hassle you’d save if renters came to you directly, asking to make an offer rather than arrange a viewing? You could get the ball roll straight away, never having to worry about the complicated process of booking a physical viewing.

All it takes is one visit

Removing physical viewings means you only need to visit a property once, to provide the market appraisal. This in itself is a timer-saver, as you can take care of the entire process in one fell swoop. Provide your market appraisal and whip out your handy camera phone to get filming.

Then arrange professional photos with the photographer and say goodbye to trudging to the property every time there’s interest. We know how soul-sapping it is having to find a parking spot on that “residents only parking” street where the flat is located.

Renters can spend more time with the property

Interior of a home

A letting agent, renter and current occupant walk into a flat… no, this isn’t the beginning of a bad joke. It is, however, the reality of conducting viewings in busy households. From a renters' point of view, it’s hard to spend time inside a property and picture yourself living there when someone else’s stuff is in the way.

It might seem strange saying it, but video walkthroughs allow renters to spend longer getting to know the property. They can take as long as they like re-viewing the rooms, looking for minor details they may have missed at the physical viewing.

There’s no feeling of the need to get in and out as quickly as possible so that current occupants don’t feel burdened. And renters can ask agents any vital questions via tech-friendly features like live chats, or get all the info from the host of the video walkthrough.

They’re pandemic proof

Ok, so pandemics might be few and far between. But here we are, staring down the barrel of a virus that clearly isn’t “just the flu”. The entire country world has come to a standstill, and WFH is the new normal for many agents. People still need to move home, though.

Tenancies come to an end, and renewing isn’t always an option. That means renters need to find a place to live, regardless of the current climate. Social distancing measures mean physical viewings are impossible.

Sealed-off area during coronavirus

Instead, people rely on video walkthroughs to determine whether or not they want to move to a new home. For many agents, video walkthroughs are proving to be a lifesaver in an environment where physical viewings just aren’t possible.

Goodbye to physical viewings?

Physical viewings might not completely disappear, but there’s no doubt about the benefits of video walkthroughs. They’re here to stay and have the potential to massively reduce real-life viewings and streamline the process of renting the home. The result is a win-win for agents and renters.

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