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Win More Valuations!

30 October 2018 Julie Davidson Read time: 3 min
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Julie Davidson

At Movebubble we know that being able to win more landlords is the key to building a successful letting agency, because without property stock you can’t find renters and without renters well….I’m sure you know what happens there.   

It's not easy to win new landlords and their properties, it’s a competitive marketplace and landlords want to know that the next agent they chose is going to get them good quality renters and market their property to the right kind of renters. With over 5,000 letting agents in London for landlords to choose from, you really have to differentiate your business and offer assurance and proof to landlords that your agency is the best in your local area. Movebubble helps London agents not only win new renters but also helps build reputation to win new instructions. 

You're Awesome


What do landlords want? 🤔

In a nutshell they want the highest rent with the lowest fees paid. Ok, so this isn’t exactly a win-win situation for agents, so what else can you offer them? From our research, landlords tend to be most concerned about: 




Landlords want renters who have stable and secure jobs and who stay in their property a long time.

 At Movebubble we have thousands of renters who match this.  As we’re an app, our renters are tech savvy, smart renters working for big companies like Google, Facebook, Accenture, RBS and many more.  Most of our growth has been organic through word of mouth.  Jane tells Ben at work on a Monday morning how she found an amazing new flat on Movebubble…Ben downloads app and tells his like minded friend….and on and on and on.




Landlords want to minimise the time their property is empty. Movebubble technology allows agents to do business and accept offers 24/7….if they want to.  What a great story to tell a potential landlord! You’ll be working much harder than agent ‘Not Using Tech & Co’ round the corner to fill their property. Other agents not using the app take on average around 14 hours to get back to a potential renter and spend half their day calling a landline to speak to a renter who’s at work. Not an efficient way to deal with the modern renter who by the time they’ve got hold of the lead has probably found somewhere else, moved in and put their curtains up.  

The quickest agent that uses the Movebubble App for Agents is getting back to renters in 5 minutes of the lead coming in. Assurance to their landlords that renters are getting dealt with quickly and efficiently therefore reducing the time the property isn’t rented, and proof to their existing and potential landlords they’re working hard AF to get a property filled and off the market.

Also, did you know that 60% of the enquiries for a viewing are made after working hours….people search on the app while they’re on their evening commute or at home with their partner.  We see a 55% increase in viewings getting booked a night rather than during the day.  





Of course they do, who doesn’t want to use a business with good reviews.  There are hundreds of review sites where you can see reviews of absolutely everything from your local takeaway, to around the world cruises.  If someone is going to entrust you with something that is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds they want to make sure you can be trusted and will turn to reviews to make sure you’re the right agency for them.  

Unfortunately, the internet is also awash with fake reviews, from positive reviews from peoples mums or disgruntled ex employees or competition looking to tarnish a reputation.  We only collect reviews from verified renters and the reviews are only asked for after the viewing takes place. 

This assures Landlords that the ratings they see on our Find an Agent page is the real deal and left by genuine renters who have had an actual interaction with that agency. This is also great for agents and allows them a platform to really show off their performance to win new landlords and get leads from landlords.


What does this all mean for your agency?

Ask yourself...

What does your agency do differently to your competitors to reach all types of renters?  Are you really doing all you can to win new instructions and to show off your performance?

We have a friendly team here at Movebubble that works with 500 Letting Agents across London.  If you want to have a chat with one of our team to find out how we can help you agency win more business, make sure to get in touch today!  

Win more landlord valuations!



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