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How to Write a Property Listing

3 September 2018 Amy McKechnie Read time: 4 min
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Amy McKechnie

At Movebubble, we're here to make renting better, and a big part of that is helping agents to do the things they need to do, in the most efficient way. 💕

The very core of our business is to make renting better for everyone, including you! With more people looking to rent property in London than ever before, we aim to provide the rental market with the love, care, and attention it so rightly deserves.

As the person who takes care of everything, we know you have to create new property listings all the time. At Movebubble, it is our mission to make it as easy as possible for you to market, promote, and let out your property; finding the best London property rental agencies to work with is a huge part of what we do.

Read this guide to learn how to write property listings that will heighten your property exposure and generate a ton of enquiries from our beloved renters! 💑

To bring some light-hearted humour into the mix, we’ll also be showing you REAL examples of how some rental agents have not only missed the mark a little with their property descriptions; if you ask us, they’ve completely lost the plot 🙏

Read on for our top tips to write property descriptions that will transform any London rental property into hot digital content that will be sought out by the most amazing renters on the planet (probably London).


The Importance Of Writing A Great Property Description

Presentation is everything.

While we all know rental markets can change in an instant, regardless of how busy it is, you must always remember; ‘’you never get a second chance to make a first impression’’.

1. Simple, Quick, and Low-Cost Staging 

Some simple staging tactics can really help transform the elements of a property.

  • Flowers at the entrance and in the rooms help to brighten the appearance and add appeal by making photos bright and colourful.
  • Lighting and mirrors can help to open up the space, along with having clean windows
  • De-cluttering and clearing worktops are also beneficial to help reveal the full extent of the space.
  • Make sure the front exterior of the property shows its best assets, do not including surrounding area or neighbours See Example Below

What Not To Do – While we all know there are plenty of properties to rent in London with less than desirable views, it is far better to simply leave out commentary about this if it is not a particularly favourable feature!

One estate agent placed the below image as their primary listing photo with the tagline ‘great views’. Really!! 😳


2. Up to Date and Appealing Property Pictures

Take snaps that reflect the real conditions of the London rental property and do not mislead renters as to the inclusion of furniture that isn’t there anymore. In almost all cases, the more pictures you can take, the better.

But, as one estate agent from the US proves, there are some pictures that should never be used!



image-2  image-4


3. Write Useful Property Descriptions

Most estate agents will already have their property descriptions written well. However, we know that serious renters love property descriptions that give them as much information as possible.

Go the extra mile by adding information about the locality of the property, such as schools, proximity to the nearest stations, the outside of the property, inclusion of communal or private space, etc.

We know that most property agencies in London have a way with words, it’s all part and parcel of the job!

We put together a quick post that talks about what renters say Vs. what they actually mean – It’s nothing but humorous and will give you a welcome break and some light-hearted laughter in return for a few minutes of your time! 🙉

Feel free to chime in with anything else you feel we may have missed and help bring your fellow agents some industry humour!

Give Renters Plenty of Info - Too much information is often never the case!


4. Deal With The Deal Breakers

At Movebubble, we talk to our renters regularly, and understand exactly what makes them tick! We can help you beat out the local competition and elevate your agency above and beyond others. Take a look at this post on our blog to get five key tips on how to elevate your agency today.

Property Deal Breakers include:

  • Availability Date
  • Pets Allowed
  • Property Level
  • Wheelchair Access
  • HMO licence
  • Sharers or a Single Family
  • Minimum Term
  • Bills Included


For smaller London rental properties, you also need to clearly outline if it is a room in a shared house or a self-contained studio.

5. Added Extras

Other information such as the floorplans, EPC, parking, air con, ground fees, whether you hold group-viewing appointments or individually booked viewings, and other compelling information that you may have is always helpful for those looking to find the best properties to rent in London.

If you’re looking to be the best London rental property company, this is a key area that can really help your agency to stand out.


How Not to List a London Rental Property!

Having already made some shocking finds online with our pictures of property listing faux pa’s! We expand on that collection after a few precise pointers on What Not To Do, where property listings are concerned!

This section is short and sweet, and mostly centres around etiquette within the marketplace.

  1. If a property is let or undergoing application checks, then let people know by updating your advert so as not to waste peoples time.
  2. Using words like amazing and incredible don’t really have a place in property descriptions and make little or no impact on the reader's impression whatsoever.
  3. Do not omit photos of key areas – you’re just wasting time with the organising and attending of viewings when the renter could have ruled out the property earlier on.
  4. Do not relist the same property multiple times. This really annoys the renter, and it gives you a bad reputation!


What were they thinking!?

These are ALL examples of pictures that were used in active property listings!!


Our thoughts are with you!

We know it’s not easy to be a London rental property listing tycoon each and every day of the week. So, follow our short tips section as a guide to getting everything right!

We always want our agents and renters to have the best experience whenever contacting each other or ourselves through the site. In fact, we love you guys so much, that we even take time out each month to publish a list of our most-loved agents. After all, we want to make sure that our most renter-friendly London rental agents get the most back from our service!

Take a quick look at our most renter-friendly agent's list; we hope to see you on there very soon!

If you want to run something by the Movebubble team, have a question, fancy a coffee, or simply want to ask for our opinion, we are always here to help you in any possible way.

After all, without our agents, we wouldn’t be able to continue helping our renters find the best properties to rent in London!

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