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How to Create Content That Attracts Landlords to Your Website

12 October 2018 Simon Banks Read time: 4 min
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Simon Banks

Whoever coined the term “thought leader” was really onto something. Who doesn’t want to be a leader of thoughts? Imagine, people waiting with bated breath to hear your much-vaunted notions about that topic you lead thoughts on better than the rest of them.

If you work in the letting industry (and we’re assuming you do, unless you just came here for the lols, in which case lol away, good friend. Lol away), the idea of being a thought leader must be somewhat appealing.




After all, people listen to those “in the know” - and landlords make up a good chunk of number in the lettings game. You know, the people that you base your entire monetary model around. Landlords come in many forms, from portfolio professionals to our favourite term, the accidental landlord. There was Jim, walking down the road minding his own business and, BAM, he’s a landlord now.

Anyway, back to the point: do you know what all the landlords want? Advice. Oh, and they want to believe. They want to hear your sweet words and feel comfortable as they tuck themselves in at night knowing that you, the senior neg in Notting Hill, will let their one-bedroom period conversion in Ledbury Road for the best price.

“But how do you become a thought leader?”, you ask. The devil is in the detail, and the details come in the form of juicy content. As they say, content is king, and we’re going to tell you how to utilise it so that your milkshake brings all the landlords to the yard.

Take Me to the Content Valley




So you’ve decided that it’s time to be a thought leader in the lettings industry. Good stuff. Now you just have to unleash your inner creative and start crafting content that people want to engage with. But where do you start? And what about this crazy thing called content that everyone is talking about?

Start by thinking about what your audience (in this case, landlords) wants to know about. You’re most likely already a local area expert, so now it’s time to show it. Write guides that provide in-depth knowledge on the postcodes you cover.

Landlords might not necessarily need to know about the area where their buy to let is located. But seeing your agency committed to providing insightful information on that area will act as a trigger and show them that you want to give renters as much information as possible: it will boost your reputation! Which means that you’re committed to providing an excellent service. Ergo, you’re the agent that covers all the details. That’s going to sit well with landlords.

Don’t stop with area guides, though. Create short news snippets about the local happenings in the area and write an FAQ section on your website, detailing your services, core beliefs and how you operate. If you’re the agency that cares about landlords and tenants, show it in everything you do and make sure they can understand how you keep all your customers happy. Tell your story and make them a part of it.

Content That’ll Blow Your Mind




Ok, so you’ve got your basis covered with areas guides, news and an FAQ section. You’re on your way to the promise land of thought leadership, but you’re not quite there yet. The content train is steaming ahead, but you need to make sure it's going on a long journey.


Make your website the content hub for your agency industry. Think big. Most of the content in the property industry is bland and says the same thing. Tell your landlords something they don’t know or at least try and catch their attention with fun, compelling articles. Mix it up and include things like quizzes asking what type of landlords are they. Or do a snazzy infographic looking at rental values in the area. It’s hard to come up with entirely new concepts in an industry that is over 30 years old, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a new, fun spin on things - and blog posts are the best place start.

News Articles




We’ve touched on the news in your area already, but talking about your own achievements will go a long way to planting that thought leader status seed in the minds of landlords. Won an award? Tell the world. Received several positive online reviews? Create a post about it. Joined a forward-thinking platform like Movebubble? Let your audience know 😜. By providing newsworthy information, you are keeping everyone up to date and showing landlords the broadness of your audience and the type of people you are targeting.

Become a V-logger

By 2021, video will make up 82 percent of the internet. Yet, people are slow to move with the times and still don’t focus on video as a powerful medium anywhere near as much as they should - especially in the property industry. Buck the trend and get ahead of the curve by creating videos about your team culture, achievements and local area guides. Why not look at doing video reviews of your property listings, walking around the property and detailing its highlights?

Be a Social Whizz

Here are some more stats for you: over three billion people use social media. If you were to turn 0.5 percent of that market into customers, you would acquire 15 million more landlords. Ok, so not all three billion of those users have a rental property. But you get the point - it’s a huge market. Get yourself on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, using the platforms to create fun and exciting content. The conversations you have will go a long way to fostering new relationships and you may even end up going viral (that doesn't mean filming your pet all day, in the hope they will do something hilarious).

It's Mail, But it's Electronic




Once upon a time, email was this new flashy digital gizmo thingy that everyone thought was a-maz-ing. Now, it’s just another part of the digital fabric - but it’s still a worthy companion when it comes to engaging with your audience. Create a monthly newsletter rounding up what’s been happening at your agency and spread the word about all that fabulous new content you’ve been creating.

Number One With a Bullet

Use the resources around you to be a stone-cold, certified thought leader. For example, Movebubble’s tool for landlords is a great way for you to show how good you are at taking care of renters that enquire about properties. Move up the Movebubble rankings ladder and become the number one agent in your area. Nothing says thought leader like being no.1 in the charts 🥇. Just ask Chesney Hawkes.

I Like you. And I Want to be Your Friend




Create insightful, fun content, and you will give yourself the best chance of raising your profile and becoming thought leaders in the industry. Landlords will gravitate towards you because they’ll believe that you are one of the best at what you do. If you’re willing to put the time and effort into building your brand, you will see the long-term gains.

More enquiries. More landlords. More instructions. More deals. You get the point. Now go get your thought leadership on 😎

Need more tips on how to win more landlords? Check out this article to find out more! 

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