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  • A Letting Agent's Guide to Working With Social Media Influencers

A Letting Agent's Guide to Working With Social Media Influencers

15 November 2020 Eva Zannettou Read time: 3 min
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Eva Zannettou

The glitz and glamour of social media influencing will be worth an astonishing £15bn by 2022. It’s no wonder that so many businesses employ the services of influencers to improve the appeal of their brand. But do influencers have a role to play in the property market?

The short answer is “yes”. Yes, they do. There are already examples of real estate superstars in the US, and the UK isn’t devoid of personalities who have garnered a reputation for their expertise. As a letting agency, working with influencers offers the chance to tap into a new market. The only question centres around how you choose one. And that’s where we come in with our guide to social media influencers for letting agents.

Different types of influencers

Working with someone who already has a significant following can improve your standing while offering access to larger audiences. Yet, choosing an influencer isn’t a straightforward process. The world of influencing is a community that has its own layers. Before selecting an influencer, it’s important that you know what to expect.

Social media influencer

Mega influencers

Mega influencers are the top of the chain of influence and typically have access to an audience of millions. Now, while that might sound ideal, these influencers don’t come cheap, and those audiences can be quite generic. Therefore, the need to work with a mega influencer isn’t quite as pressing for a letting agency.

Macro influencers

Expect macro influencers to have follower counts of six figures-plus. They aren’t as costly as mega influencers, but will still eat into a significant chunk of your marketing budget. Again, while the idea of reaching a high amount of followers has its merits, but the audiences will still be quite generic. This might work for attracting renters. But you’ll want a more segmented audience for landlords

Micro influencers

Now we’re talking! Micro influencers don’t hold the same clout as mega and macro influencers, but their audiences are more accessible. They often specialise in a specific topic, so the plan should be to work with a micro influencer who has an audience made up of landlords.

Nano influencers

Nano influencers have much smaller follower counts than the rest of the list. This means they are super-refined with their reach. You might not get in front of as many people working with a nano influencer, but the return of high-level leads is potentially more promising, as you’ll only reach your target demographic.

Real estate superstars

When it comes to the world of influencing, you might be wondering who the major contenders are in the property market. Real estate influencing hasn’t quite hit the same levels here in the UK as it has in the US, but there are still influencers doing their thing in the rental market.

Real Estate superstar

To find them, it’s worth searching hashtags on social media to see who is trending with their posts. You may also wish to work with influencers in the letting agency field, people who have built an online following by tapping into the mindset of what renters and landlords want. These include influencers like Christopher Watkin, Henry Pryor and Sam Ashdown.

How to choose an influencer

You also need to think about the type of influencer you want to reach. Is it a property professional, or do you want someone who can sell a lifestyle to renters? If it’s the latter, you can branch out into fields like interior design and construction.

You may want to try a few combinations – budget permitting – and work with influencers who attract landlords and others who appeal to renters. There’s no definitive answer for the type of influencer you should work with. Instead, think about your primary goals as a letting agent: if it’s attracting more landlords, aim for smaller influencers who have a good reputation with property investors.

The pros of using an influencer

Social media icons

Using an influencer provides you with access to audiences that wouldn’t typically know about your agency. An endorsement from an influencer can propel your agency and generate more interest. Striking the right chord with an influencer can increase your ROI, whether you’re looking to increase the agency’s presence, build the brand or attract new leads. There’s a lot to say about the power of influence, and it could propel your agency to new heights.

Being in an influential bubble

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