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8 Reasons Why Letting Agents 💚 Movebubble

19 December 2019 Lucy Brice Read time: 4 min
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Lucy Brice

Letting agents love renters. Renters love Movebubble. Letting agents also love Movebubble because renters love Movebubble - and as for Movebubble? We just love everyone! 🥰

In this post we’re sharing eight tried and tested reasons why our partners love Movebubble; how we can help you stand out from the ever-growing letting agents’ crowd when it comes to landlords, and why you should trust us to be your number one ally when it comes to pleasing those same landlords - and your renters.

Not only that, but we’ll also be sharing real-life testimonials from some agents we’re currently working with, where we’re exposing the properties they’re letting to our flourishing community of half a million renters, with that number constantly on the rise.

Keep reading, agents! 👀

We put renters first...

...exactly, where they’re supposed to be!

Unlike other property portals, we put the needs of our renters right at the top. We believe passionately in offering an unparalleled service that offers value for money to our customers first and foremost - and this is this kind of mindset that we encourage the agents that we work with to adopt, too.

This means that we don’t charge the agents that we work with crazy amounts of money to take a place on our platform! Movebubble was born from a passion to help people more than anything else, and this is something we refuse to lose.


We’re tech-savvy and forward-thinking

The world is changing and tech-savvy renters now make up a large majority of the hundreds and thousands of renters that use our mobile app in the search for their new home.

Renters today not only want, but demand a process that is simple, efficient and available at their fingertips. On the Movebubble app, renters can easily search for properties, speak to multiple agents directly and even arrange multiple viewings with the touch of finger.

Richard Blair, of letting agency Winkworth, said:

“We have fully adopted Movebubble on both our phones and desktops, it is really easy to use. The technology makes it a quick way to get a reply from applicants, but also easily suggest additional properties to them. This enables us to book in multiple viewings with the same applicant.  Movebubble is a fantastic way to reach a new generation of renters that no longer use phone calls or emails as a preferred way of communicating.”

We help improve your quality of customer service

In this digital world, likes, comments, reviews and recommendations are EVERYTHING. In a matter of moments, you could be flying your way to the top - or sinking right down to the bottom. This is why your quality of customer service is key in enrolling new renters and keeping your existing ones.

The tech-savvy Movebubble app empowers you to become the master of your trade and take your place as a top letting agent that truly cares about its renters; delivering this care through exceptional levels of customer service.

Tools such as our in-app chat function ensure that you can be there for renters when they need you.

Liam Reilly of letting agents, Keatons, shared:

Movebubble is the future for renting. It’s quick, effective and proved to be a very useful tool for us. We have found that most of our renters these days no longer want to answer phone calls, they much prefer the in app chat which really speeds up the process for us letting our landlords properties.”


We build your reputation and promote your professionalism

Exceptional levels of customer service, of course, lead to a glowing reputation - something that is of utmost importance when trying to get landlords to choose YOU. 

However, the Movebubble app doesn’t just help with building your rep by providing excellent customer service; we also help you to promote your professionalism.

Your response times and response rates are shown on our ‘For Landlords’ page, which landlords can use to view your ratings when deciding who to instruct. If you have a top-level rating, it is more likely that a landlord will pick your agency, over others. Winning!💪🏼

We help bring in quality leads from quality renters

George Poyner, of letting agency New Space, commented:

“We love Movebubble in the office, we all race to answer renters – great for competition. We have also noticed the clientele of Movebubble renters is better than on other websites.”

The high-levels of customer service, professionalism and attention that you will offer renters when partnering with Movebubble, will help to ensure that renters looking at your properties will be more likely to stick around.

We enable you to win 24 hours a day

Most traditional letting agencies are usually only open 5 days a week, 9-5. But as the demands of renters grow as the world continues to change and become more technologically dependent, it is of paramount importance that letting agents keep up.

With all communication taking place directly within the app, Movebubble enables you to win, any day, any time - affording you the ability and the freedom to chat to renters and close deals all around the clock.


With us, there’s less admin work and more deals

As above, with everything brought together under one roof in the Movebubble app, life becomes way simpler. You no longer need to waste valuable time chasing renters with numerous phone-calls, nor do you need to keep on top of complicated, endless email chains.

Everything you need as an agent is in the app, where you can easily see all your communications in one place and respond accordingly, leaving you with more time, energy and headspace to close those all important deals.

Case Study

Independent letting agents, Elmore’s of London, signed up with Movebubble on 29th October 2019. In two weeks, they received two leads through Movebubble and five leads through a competitor. 

The five leads obtained through a well-known competitor led to zero viewings and therefore zero deals. The two leads received through Movebubble however, resulted in two viewings and one deal signed, sealed and delivered!

By signing up to the app, Elmore’s of London managed to let out a property that they were unable to with said competitor, leaving them super impressed with the quality and experience of the Movebubble service.

Owner and Director, Paige Elmore, said:

“Since joining Movebubble 2 months ago I am over the moon with the service as well as the product. The app is super easy to use! We’ve had a good conversion rate from leads to offers and the process is efficient for both the agent and the tenant.” 


We support you!

Finally, we want you to know that we’ll always be there for you (*cue F.R.I.E.N.D.S theme tune*), like a trusted sidekick always is.

On those rare occasions when you find yourself a little stuck or confused, our support team is always here to chat, guide, encourage, motivate and help you, to ensure everything keeps ticking over beautifully. So don’t you worry - if anything ever goes wrong or gets too much, we’ve got you!👍🏼

We know how important it is for letting agents to stand out in the eyes of landlords. That is why Movebubble helps you to not only get better, but to become the best.

Partner with us, get your landlords’ properties under the eyes of almost half a million UK renters, and who knows? You may just find your words quoted in the 2020 edition of this article!

Get in touch today. 😊

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