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5 Missed Opportunities for Letting Agents

8 March 2021 Julie Davidson Read time: 2 min
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Julie Davidson

There are plenty of opportunities out there for letting agents to maximise their leads, be it landlords or renters. There are so many, in fact, that it can be hard pinpointing where to start in your effort to grow stock and let homes. 

Which marketing efforts should you focus on, do you need to canvass, should you rely on your old trusty Rolodex? Ideally, the answer is a little bit of everything. Yet, having so many options can see you miss out on potential avenues to grow the business. 

This is especially true when it comes to deciding on the right marketing approach to increase your agency’s reach. And so we’ve put this handy guide together looking at five missed marketing opportunities for letting agents. 

Social media

Social media can be a little bit daunting if you don’t have much experience using it for business. But with 3.5 billion people having a social media account, it’s a vital tool for growing your agency. Whether you’re posting organically or using paid ads, it’s necessary to have a presence across socials. 

The best option involves finding a platform that works for you and focusing on it to connect with landlords and renters. You can use it to post industry updates, provide your insightful takes on all things lettings and share content, which brings us on nicely to our next topic... 

Blog posts

Pretty much every brand has a blog page, but not all companies utilise it to write engaging content that adds value to their audience. As a letting agent, you have two primary target audiences: landlords and renters. That means there is a range of valuable content you can share with them for free. 

Use your blog page to write articles about your local market and how it affects landlords and renters. Update them with the latest news and use your blog page as a resource to enhance your standing as the number one letting agent in your patch. Great content can help with SEO and bring more customers to your website, so don’t overlook it. 


Just about everyone has a podcast these days, so what are you waiting for? And, yes, we get it; if everyone has one, you may be wondering how to make yours stand out. The answer always lies in the content. Draw on your experience to enlighten landlords and tenants, giving them personal insights into the lettings market. 

Over 12% of the adult population listens to podcasts, which means there are ears out there waiting to hear what you have to say. Put together a regular audio session with other agents at your branch a and use it to provide landlords and renters with tips and tricks on how to navigate letting and renting. 

Video viewings

One of the most prominent property features to come out of the Covid pandemic was the explosion of video viewings. They were already proving to be popular, but subsequent lockdowns saw renters depend on them like never before. 

If you’re not already using video viewings to highlight your stock, then now is the time to get your phone out and start recording. They provide an in-depth look at a home without any snazzy filters, giving viewers a real-time look at what it’s like to live somewhere. Video viewings can be a difference-maker!

Working with partners

One of the best ways to increase reach and get more eyes on your brand involves partnering with other like-minded companies. We can't always be lone rangers, and sometimes a little help from friends goes a long way. 

Here at Movebubble, we have more than 750,000 renters using our app to find their next home. Unlike other sites, we’re renter-centric, which means only renters use us. Add video walkthroughs and instant bookings, and we offer renters the chance to find, view and secure their home all in the app. It speeds up the process of renting and gives agents a renter-exclusive platform to showcase their stock. 

Never missing an opportunity

The outlook is good for letting agents, especially with so many ways to promote your agency and secure new landlords and renters. And with the tips on our list, you won’t need to miss out on opportunities to get landlords listing their properties with you and renters renting them. 

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