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5 Marketing Ideas for Letting Agents

12 April 2021 Julie Davidson Read time: 2 min
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Julie Davidson

Whether you’re a successful letting agency or just starting out with grand designs of conquering the world, marketing is a vital component on the road to getting big wins. This is especially true when it comes to online marketing, which now makes up the crux of of avenues for gaining new clients, be it landlords or renters.

With 92% of people beginning their property search online, it’s safe to say that the World Wide Web is where it’s at. However, there are so many ways to acquire leads online, and it’s easy to lose focus on your goals. 

That’s why we’ve put this guide together, detailing five marketing ideas to help promote your letting agency and win more business. Along with our Agent Hub, which is full of handy resources, this article is designed to inspire your marketing efforts. So read on and discover five letting agent marketing ideas. 

Make a splash on social

There’s no beating around the bush: you need to have a presence on social media, and a modern letting agency is all over its socials. Whether it’s paid or organic, social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram offer you a reach like never before, as well as a platform to grow your online presence and cultivate a brand that people find interesting.

Discover more about marketing on social media

Focus on content

It’s all well and good shouting about how amazing you are, but what renters and landlords really want is valuable information they can use. It’s not just about winning the instruction or finding a renter, and you should implement a content marketing strategy focusing on providing blog posts, email sends, ebooks and more value-led information that enhances the knowledge of your target audience. Landlords and renters will come to value you and actively look out for your content, which will increase the chances of them becoming a customer. 

Learn everything there is to know about content marketing

Landing pages

Your website is a great resource, but sometimes it can be hard for people to find the right page. With a landing page, you’re directing landlords and renters to a very specific page from an external source. It might be that you want to advertise to landlords with a portfolio, and a landing page is a way to give them detailed information. They could see a Facebook or Google ad from your agency about portfolios, and instead of arriving on your website homepage when they click through, they go to your landing page. This is where you can provide detailed information about how you help portfolio landlords. It allows you to offer more information and give a specific call to action at the end of the page. 

See how landing pages can help your letting agency

Create a podcast

Everyone’s got a podcast these days, and your agency is no exception. A podcast allows you to show a more personal side of your brand and offer insightful tips to landlords and renters. You can get expert guests on the show, giving your audience even more in-depth information about the industry and the things they need to know.  

Learn how to podcast as a letting agent

Work with partners

It’s hard to achieve complete success on your own, and having a little bit of help every now and then is most welcome. That’s why partnering with like-minded brands can help you reach new audiences. At Movebubble, we have 750,000-plus renters looking for their new home on our platform. With instant offers and video walkthroughs, renters have greater exposure to homes and can rent a place entirely online. For letting agents, we’re a renter-only platform that gets their stock in front of the most important people: renters. 

Get more information about partnering with Movebubble

Marketing the good stuff

Having a strong marketing presence is a surefire way to build your brand and, ultimately, attract more landlords and renters. Plenty of marketing tactics can also be implemented without huge budgets, so you don’t need to break the bank on your way to building a strong agency profile and becoming the go-to letting agent for people in your location. 

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