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Tove five proptech companies

5 Awesome Proptech Companies

25 August 2020 Simon Banks Read time: 2 min
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Simon Banks

Technology is thriving, especially in the wake of Covid-19. But even before the global pandemic took hold, we were all digging tech. From online banking to watching too much Stranger Things on Netflix, instant accessibility has made our lives that little bit easier.

The property market is catching on too, with tech-led initiatives creating a more seamless experience for both the business and consumer side of things. It’s called Proptech, and in all honesty, it’s not even a new practise.

But recent events have led to its acceleration and a new-found fondness for using tech to simplify measures. Of course, we know the good ol’ human touch is just as important, which is why the best tech solutions are the ones that enhance human productivity.

So, without further ado, we’ve compiled five Proptech companies doing their thing at the moment. Read on and find out who made the cut.

1) Zero Deposit

Deposits can be a costly burden for renters, but zero deposits have come to the fore to offer a more affordable option. A zero deposit sees renters paying just one week’s worth of rent instead of the usual five. It’s not refundable but gives them and landlords the same securities as a traditional deposit.

Zero deposit

The only FCA-regulated deposit replacement guarantee is Zero Deposits, which is a market leader. Zero deposits offer a valid alternative to the traditional system, are technology led in their set up, and make the entire process easier.

2) Loop

Letting agents need software to make the back-end of their workflows run, and Loop comes in handy for that reason, plus a few others. It’s a fully integrated residential sales and lettings software that helps agents source more property.

Agents can grow their market share by prospecting for new properties, while market insights provide you with evidence reports and property data that will boost your chances of winning more instructions and convincing landlords to list their properties with you.

Now you just need somewhere to advertise them...

3) Movebubble

We don’t like to toot our own horn, but here at Movebubble we connect renters with letting agents, providing a platform to market your snazzy properties. Using the Movebubble app gives you a range of forward-thinking features that fit in with the tech-savvy, modern-day renter.

Keep all your leads in one easy-to-navigate place, where you can talk with renters via the live chat feature. But, most importantly, Home Walkthroughs allow you to provide video viewings to renters with easy-to-upload, short and snappy videos of the property.

These unfiltered videos provide a genuine representation of what it’s like to live somewhere, which renters can then secure with the Instant Book option. We even verify them before they place the holding deposit, meaning you get access to 700,000-plus high-calibre professional renters by simply marketing your properties on Movebubble.

4) Hometrack

Market insights are key to all the different sectors within the property industry. Hometrack is all about property analytics and helps investors identify property risk, see how it performs and save money in the process.

It covers every aspect of investment in bricks and mortar, from developers to property professionals. Expect to find local market intelligence for the UK market that will help you advise landlords and potential investors. With Hometrack, you can cover all bases of property data that's worth knowing about.

5) Coadjute

Coadjute is a London based company that launched as recently as 2018. It’s becoming an increasingly popular choice in the property industry, thanks to its blockchain-like technology that helps different areas of the property sector work together.


Through the process of data sharing and decentralised workflows, Coadjute has helped shorten the property-buying process for many. The company is primarily invested in the buying side of the market, but its access to data insights can certainly help property investors or letting agents looking to provide advice about their local market.

The future is here

More Proptech options will come to the fore as we rely on tech-led practices to help us make more informed decisions. But even now, there’s a wealth of options on the market that can help enhance your letting agency, from finding landlords to helping let their properties quickly. The tech is here to make your life better.

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